Does this sound familiar?...

"Hi Rajat, you had sent me photos of some new designs but I can not locate it. Can you send them again please?"

"Hi sir, we cannot attend exhibitions for the next 6 months at least. How are we going to show our products to our customers and book orders?"

With the new world order, visiting your customers and prospects, meeting them and showing them your designs is going to be near impossible. How do you get new orders?

Introducing Catalog24x7

We have come up with an innovative product catalog system that is available over the Internet, 24x7. Your customers just login and see your designs, all at one place, nicely categorised. Nothing to download or install.

You can create unlimited number of categories, like New launch, Autumn 2020, Winter 2020, Premium, Economy, etc. Each customer can be given access to one or more specific categories. So you can create a category Premium designs and tag the designs that you want only your key customers to see.

Who Can Use This?

Companies selling or exporting creative design products like fabrics, designer dresses, apparel, jute bags, cotton bags, leather goods, silk cloths, gift items, pot pourri, etc need to show their newest and popular designs to their prime customers.

However, you don't want to put these designs in the public domain due to the fear that general public and your competitors may copy the idea and/or the design. This is where Catalog24x7 comes in handy due to its private working.

If you want Daniel, to see 10 specific designs, just create a new category named Daniel and tag these 10 designs to this category. Daniel will be able to see these 10 designs and nothing more.

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About Us

The CATALOG 24X7 software has been developed by Ebizindia Consulting Pvt Ltd. We are members of NASSCOM and COMPASS and have been developing business management software since 1986. Ebizindia is led by Arun Agrawal, a gold medallist computer engineer and consists of a team of designers, developers and test engineers.

Our focus is on developing simple to use software that gets the work done, easy and fast.

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